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from the Turin Airport and a short distance from the centre of Turin ...

there is a perfect place where you can unwind far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Agriturismo Cascina Argentera is the perfect location for rejuvenating mind and spirit in an intimate and welcoming setting surrounded by centuries of history and local tradition.

Well known for its warm hospitality and friendly atmosphere it is the ideal place for relaxing and enjoying fine home-cooked Italian dishes in the company of friends, family or colleagues.




by History and local tradition

This charming historical home was built by the noble Argentero family of Chieri in 1656. As you walk through the antique gate, you immediately feel that you have travelled back in time leaving your frenetic modern-day life behind.

The small church, which is a part of the agriturismo, still stands as a reminder that this place was once a convent. In fact it was occupied by nuns until the mid nineteenth century. On the other side of the courtyard, you can see the house that belonged to the farmer who in that period produced most of the bread for the townspeople, using a very peculiar wood-burning oven.

The farmhouse retains its original stone staircase and its brick vaulted ceilings and the dining room was reconstructed from the original barn. The finely decorated arches create a unique and charming atmosphere around the courtyard which is the centre of everyday country life at Cascina Argentera.




nel Verde e nella Tranquillità

Cascina Argentera è il contatto sempre presente con la Natura.

Cascina Argentera provides the ideal vacation in close contact with nature, especially for nature-lovers who are looking for the slow peaceful rhythm of country life.  This superb rural setting allows you to take in a breath of fresh air while admiring the beautiful colours of nature.